The site of the Tribal Museum is developed as an oasis in the high desert country of the Warm Springs Reservation. The museum is positioned next to Shitike Creek at one edge of the site on a base of fill required to put it above the 100-year flood plain. A series of tree-lined parking areas next to Highway 26 form an arc around an open meadow to create a landscape threshold between the cars and the Museum. Across this meadow from the parking areas, the Museum entry sequence passes through the base of the building and arrives at the creek edge. A number of accessible rooms and bathing facilities are available, and both double and single rooms are easily adaptable for accessibility and the needs of the hearing impaired. Toilet and bathing facilities are sized and distributed to serve an average of 25 students each.

Clear, forceful site and building geometries express the unique importance of the Museum as both a container for tribal artifacts and an educational and social facility for the Confederated Tribes of the Warm Springs Reservation.