Sponsored by a non-profit volunteer organization of cyclists, the Velodrome design establishes a world class indoor cycling center that will become the focus for cycling in New York City and its greater metropolitan region. The Velodrome not only establishes a major venue for competitive cyclists but also provides the opportunity for educational programs to introduce youths to the world of cycling.

The Velodrome, situated at the Western end of Floyd Bennett Field's Historic Hanger Row District, is a sculptural landmark. It is distinguished by structural pylons that form its perimeter and by its long span, lightweight roof system of hollow tubes and cables, constructed in the spirit of bikes. The banked oval 250 meter bicycle track surrounds a multi-use infield that allows year-round opportunities for other sports such as in-line skating, basketball, volleyball, badminton, and special events.

Natural light is generously admitted to the entire facility through a system of skylights and clerestories. The clerestories act as a joint between the roof and the constructions below, floating the roof and emphasizing its lightweight, long span character.