This project began with existing conditions that provided a formidable challenge. We were asked to design a new house, incorporating the foundations of a project previously aborted. The site, a hillcrest with a panoramic view of the south hills of the Willamette Valley , had been razed and scraped of all trees, vegetation, and a considerable amount of the topsooil.

The multifaceted task included designing a smaller house, as well as reconstructing and designing the landscape. To avoid the cost and time of demolition, existing structures were employed as foundation for the new building.

The generous interior spaces are simply organized around a stair hall core and connected in a manner that both juxtaposes and overlaps the rooms. The primary space of the house is a great room open to south, west, and north. Indirect light from western skylights is reflected from its eastern wall, providing balance and eliminating glare from the perimeter view windows. All other main floor rooms are linked to this central space and upper floor circulation areas connect to it through balconies.