The character of the Hopkins-Green House owes much to its wooded site and to the clients’ desire to build a house appropriate to its setting with environmentally conscious materials and systems.  The eight acre forested site gently descends at the foot of Spencer’s Butte , a prominent Eugene landmark.

Columned porches recall the trees and the patterns of light and shadow they create. Stone floors and terraces set flush to grade connect the house to the forest floor. Materials and colors were chosen which further merge the building and landscape. Green-black colored trim recedes and simplifies the intricate details of the many openings, while the black tile roofs and the muted stucco walls blend with the dark forest canopy and its under-story.

In contrast to the thick canopy of fir trees, the interior of the house is light and airy. The wings of the house are one room wide. Openings on two and three sides of the rooms provide balanced natural light, cross ventilation and multiple views of the surrounding forest..