The Doyle house is formed of two parts built in consecutive phases. The first phase was a total interior and partial exterior remodel of an existing 1930’s stucco house. The second phase was a separate and connected addition of equal size designed in the spirit of the original. The addition is set back and shifted over from the original part to establish a south-facing courtyard that parallels the main living space and to create an entry in the new gable end facing the street.

The rooms of the house are simply configured and provided with light from more than one orientation. All windows are made of true divided lites forming a skeletal tracery that catches the light and contrasts with the simple planes of the walls. The finish trim at the openings, as well as the baseboards, is set flush to the adjacent wall surface, establishing a subtly articulated and overall flat plane.

The family who lived in the house for 50 years would still recognize those characteristics of 1930’s charm that made the house a neighborhood and community landmark.