The Divine house sits above the McKenzie River, with views west and southwest to the river. The property is approached from above, on a road paralleling the river.

The house is sited with its long axis oriented parallel to the river with each facade responding to the character of its own related site conditions. The ancillary spaces face the courtyard and approach; the main rooms open to the south west which slopes down to the river. The choice of materials reflects the natural setting of this home.

To maximize organization and orientation, the house is one and a half rooms wide, allowing each of the major rooms to open on to the river. Multiple openings on all sides with the clerestory to the northwest flood the house with natural light. Scale and character of openings are a distinguishing feature of the house. The proportion of opening to wall, the scaled down character of the ancillary openings and the larger and more collected openings on the river side establish the rhythm and acknowledge the varying site conditions for each orientation.