Authentic Models
This project is the American headquarters of a Dutch-based merchandising company. Sited on a seven-acre parcel adjacent to Interstate-5 providing high visibility, the design takes advantage of this aspect by creating a building with functional design and significant visual interest. The building is organized into distinct parts as an expression of the three primary functions.

Warehouse: The warehouse, enclosed with flat-profile metal panels, is located towards the freeway providing strong visual exposure to I-5 traffic. Designed with long spans and a high volume, the building maximizes storage flexibility and work process.
Office: The main office area is visually distinct but physically linked to the warehouse by a south-facing commons area. It is organized around a two-story skylit atrium to create an open work environment for administrative, service and creative activities. Windows in the large open office area adjacent to the atrium orient occupants to the riparian area and to distant views of the Cascade foothills to the east.